Going Green


For most Germans that is nothing new.  However, here in the US it has become a hot topic in the last few years.  Germany produces (per capita) more energy from reusable sources than the United States.  Germany does not have the sun, water, or land resources that we have here.  Most churches in Germany have a solar roof, or, if they still heat with oil a modified burner.  Many church communities have a carpooling program in effect.  It is not only to follow recent trends, but a deep believe, that as active Christians they are committed, and feel a responsibility toward conserving the resources given to them.  What have we initiated at Christuskirche?  We have started with small accomplishments.  Lighting and reducing waste.  Next will be a solar installation.  $50,000.00 has been allocated for this.  Research is in the works to select the most effective systems for our needs.

The church office has started to device a sustainable incremental plan to  conserve energy and water.  Upgrade heating & cooling systems and teach the tenants and congregation how to reduce their carbon footprint

Andrew Talbert is working on a comprehensive car-pooling system for the Los Angeles basin and the Antelope Valley.

We would like you to form an action group that wants to lead in this effort.

Are you game?



LEED On Line
Clinton Global Initiative
2030 Challenge
CARROT, Climate Action Registry Reporting Online Tool

First German Speaking United Methodist Church, 556 West Glenoaks Blvd., Glendale, CA 91202

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